Don’t Be That Guy

The Heretic Dispatch:
The other day I found myself grabbing a bite to eat at the airport. Opposite me sat a family of four: He, nicely groomed, button-down shirt in a discreet plaid pattern, top button open, sleeves carefully pulled up to just below his elbows. She in a black dress, not too casual, not too formal, some tasteful earrings and golden rings, small Rolex watch. Kids straight out of a J Crew billboard ad. I have seen this family before. As a matter of fact I have seen them many, many times — as they are the stereotypical well groomed, affluent family.

I am sure you have seen similar blueprints running through your life. There is nothing inherently wrong with this picture. It is just bland and boring. It’s like watching black and white television.

The interesting people are the ones which are different. Different outfit, different style, different perspective — the ones who choose to stick out (even if its just a little bit) and dare to be… well, different.

We want you to be different. It is a much more interesting and colorful world when you dare. So please - dare!

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Don’t Be That Guy
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